Orlando - IHTV Produces at Intelligent Health™ Pavilion - HIMSS19

The proliferation of new and evolving technologies, including wireless information delivery, smartphones, medical devices and applications, coupled with wireless sensors and auto-ID, RFID / RTLS platforms has expanded possibilities for improving healthcare delivery and patient safety.

Within the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion, and i-HOME™ you will see demonstrations of how these diverse technologies and systems can be integrated through a series of use case demonstrations highlighting the impact on workflows and patient care. These use cases will further highlight the possibilities for process optimization and safety verification and the overall management of an institution's assets. The design of an Intelligent Health™ and i- HOME™ requires close partnerships between end users, including physicians and nurses, healthcare administrators, and industry, to determine how existing technologies may best be combined and integrated into practice.



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Last year the RFID in Healthcare Consortium  launched the first Intelligent Hospital Pharmacy™ within the Intelligent Hospital™.  It was a great success and added a unique look into the modern inpatient hospital pharmacy.  This year we continued that success and  with the Intelligent Health Association continued to provide the opportunity for healthcare executives to witness medication management technology integrating with patient care delivery.

Medication management within a busy hospital is complex and as every healthcare administrator knows, complex systems can contribute to human errors.  Medication misadventures happen at any number of critical steps in the delivery of care.  In the Intelligent Hospital Pharmacy at HIMSS 2014, examples of some of the challenges hospital pharmacies and retail pharmacies face today were demonstrated.  Many of the emerging technologies  are geared to increase patient safety and operational efficiencies and focus on improving the pharmaceutical supply chain from ordering all the way to the bedside.

Video presenter, Dr. Shannon “JJ” Johnson is currently Director of Pharmacy for Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, a level 2 trauma center with over 380 staffed acute care beds. In addition to his roles within Sharp, Dr. Johnson also consults with established companies, startups, and government agencies on pharmacy issues related to various areas like healthcare technology, legal issues, and disaster preparedness. He also serves as Director of Pharmacy for  Intelligent Hospital ™ Pavilion